Call history

View your business' call history in one place

Review all of your call records and their metrics in detailed charts and tables. Review the date, time, origin, and duration of your calls. See which calls were answered, abandoned, and missed.

Increase productivity with organized call reports

Save time looking through your data. Create organized charts to filter out data that you do not need to review. Build and save complex templates for future use.

Share review reports seamlessly with team members

It’s quick and easy to share your reports with others. You can directly export your call report to Excel, and send automatic email updates daily, weekly, or monthly to multiple recipients or teams.

Did you know?

With eVoice’s call reporting, you can keep track of your sales rep’s call log, and monitor important information such as the number of calls placed and call duration. You can determine areas for improvement, and provide effective coaching based on your findings.

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Never worry about missing phone calls without hiring a full-time receptionist.


Listen back to voicemails easily or have them transcribed into text and then emailed for easy access.

Caller ID

Know who’s calling you before you answer the phone, to prioritize calls and direct them accordingly.