On-hold music

What is on-hold music?

On-hold music is the music your customers will hear while they are waiting for a call to be answered. Eliminate the silence and let your callers know that their call will be answered shortly.

On-hold options built to fit your needs

eVoice offers on-hold music for all of your inbound calls. Use our licensed on-hold music or upload your own music.
Built to fit your needs

Have a listen to our licensed on-hold music

Set up your on-hold music in three easy steps!

Sign-up for eVoice

Complete your sign-up and begin setting up your new account.

Select your music option

Listen to the options eVoice has to offer for on-hold music or record your own message.

Test out your new music

Call your eVoice number and listen to your new music or customized message while you wait.

Customize your music and include a special message

Incorporate a company message within your on-hold message to inform callers of new company updates, products, store hours, or promotions.
Customise music

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